Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Summary.

Sorry about not posting for a few days. I was without internet over the weekend and I'm starting to feel sick again. I just thought I would inform you about what happened during my break. SPOILER ALERT: It was some freaky-ass shit.

Friday: I started experiencing that hallucination again. The man/thing/whatever has been showing up constantly around me, only to disappear shortly after. I'm sure I'm still experiencing some sort of after effect of whatever I ingested, but it's been getting unnerving lately. On Friday I saw him standing under a street light around 8:00, and he was standing outside my bedroom window around midnight. Needless to say, it made me jump.

Saturday: The trip up north. It's a four-hour drive that mostly goes through small towns most people would have never heard of otherwise. During this drive, I saw him all over. Public parks, old buildings, pretty much everywhere. He seemed to appear more frequently in large groups of trees, which are abundant in northern Wisconsin. After this day, in which I see him in broad daylight constantly, I can confirm that whatever he is, he has no FREAKING FACE. This day leaves me with a pounding headache and the question of if I'm going nuts.

Sunday: What happened Sunday freaked me out the most. Along with the frequent hallucinations (Which are strange for what they are, considering they are all of the same guy), I woke up that morning to find this paper under my head:

In case you can't read it, it says: IT'S BEEN A WHILE.
Does this have anything to do with my hallucinations? I don't know, maybe. Did it scare the shit out of me? You bet your ass it did.

About an hour later, I also noticed this nasty scratch on my thumb:

I don't know what caused it, but it was pretty unsettling when I noticed it.

A few hours after all this, I drove back home, spotting ol' faceless all the way.

Since then, my sicknesses have started back up. I still have the cough, I'm having headaches again, and I've been extremely forgetful and tired as of late. I took the note home with me, just in case I need it later on for police evidence (Also because someone could have easily found it if I had thrown it away at my grandparents' place or something. I don't want to worry my family). I don't know who wrote it, but if whoever did happens to be out there: Fuck you. I have too much going on right now to deal with some asshole who gets a jolly out of messing with sick people.

That's really all I have to post right now. I didn't end up taking any pictures or video while I was there apart from the above two. Here's to hoping I can go the rest of the week without being driven insane.


  1. Interesting. Let me know if you see this guy in the suit again.


  2. Oh, and the blank profile pic on the following thing that doesn't show a name on it is me; for some reason my profile is not showing up when I follow people. This started happening a little while ago, and I don't know why it is happening.

  3. Oh... shit.

    I don't know what the muffin has to do with anything, but I have a feeling that if William doesn't show up again on campus, you should start getting worried.

    Do you live by yourself? Got any pets? I know, random questions, but... this could be important. Going to echo Scott - if you see the hallucination again, definitely tell us about it.

  4. Yes, I do live alone, unless you count my cat as a person. Fortunately, I haven't seen the guy since Sunday. I'm hoping it stays like that.

    I still haven't seen William around. He may just be hanging out at other places now, but I haven't looked into it. We aren't that close of friends.

    On a different note: I woke up with another strange cut today. I'll post a picture soon.