Friday, January 14, 2011

The Muffin.

This whole deal is because of a muffin. You heard me right. A fucking muffin. I know the idea behind this whole thing sounds a bit ridiculous, so allow me to explain:

I'm in a class for advanced students known as WCATY (Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth), and today was our last day of the course in which we presented our final projects. As part of his project, my friend William gave everybody a muffin at the beginning of class. Unknowing of what would come later, we all ate them. When it came to him to present, he revealed that the muffins were part of an experiment. He claims he put 'something' in them that will make us feel flu like symptoms for a while.

Yeah. What a bastard, huh?

Anyway, we're supposed to e-mail him in five days with a summary of what we experienced. Since I'm constantly looking for excuses to spend normally wasted time, I decided to make a blog to... more or less, document how these next few days pan out. As for right now, I only have a slight headache, but that's expected after how long I spend on my laptop daily. I'll make a post if anything else happens.


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